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Silent Gliss is a leading global supplier of motorised and manual curtain and blind systems to the high end market. Discreet yet effective, offering the most comprehensive, technically advanced roller blind and dim-out systems. Their clean lines and modern design complement any style, whilst providing maximum shading and minimum window obtrusion.

Electric Motorised Blinds

Efficient and quiet. Silent Gliss motorised roller blinds feature virtually silent operation, programmable intermediate stops and a built-in safety stop if the movement is interrupted. Our wide range of systems accommodate all blind sizes, weight and preferred control methods.

Battery Motorised Blinds

Wireless is flawless. Today’s architecture requires products designed for convenience and concealed technology. The Silent Gliss battery-operated roller blind combines wireless shading at the push of a button within a stylish headbox.

Chain Operated Blinds

Simple sophistication, timeless quality — our chain-operated roller blind systems are designed with a smooth operation so, even at maximum dimensions they work effortlessly.Spring operated roller blind systems

Spring Operated Blinds

Our spring-operated roller blind provides the ideal finishing touch to residential and contract applications. A unique speed controller ensures a smooth, controlled ascent, and an optional stop controller allows an upper stop limit. Inherently child safe by design, this roller blind is particularly suited to installations in the home, hotels and public spaces.

Currently we do not sell these blinds online, but we do sell them over the phone. This is something which we are working on and we hope to have this option available soon...

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